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We work in collaboration with other web development and online marketing professionals to help you create an online presence.

Our Collaboration

We are a team of individual professionals working together. Here is who we are:

Falstar Media Direct Bookings Specialist

Sumari is the Founder & CEO of Falstar Media, helping clients in the Toursim Industry increase their Direct Bookings on their Websites by 300% by implementing her Increase Direct Bookings Program. Based in South Africa, helping clients worldwide.

Be Online Web Design, Development & Hosting

Since our establishment of the business, we have been growing a steady client base to which we provide our web design services.

Sumari Designs Online Marketing Consultant

We are a globally based company with our talented team bringing the creative mojo and tech savvy from every corner of this planet

Engelmohr Technology Web Design & Development

We are a web development company based in Germiston (South-Africa). Our services include: web development & design, maintenance and hosting.

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