Benefits of a automated newsletter system

Automated newsletters make it easy to share the latest content from your website on a regular basis. It is a very efficient tool due to the fact that a lot of business lack time due to a busy schedule.

Here are a few benefits incorporating a automated newsletter with your website
1. Saves time: Due to time restraints it is a benefit that your can set the automated newsletter to go out at a specific time.
2. Cross-linking: Help to revisit new readers, they might turn into regular visitors. Linking back to other relevant internal pages and other relevant articles may drive more traffic to your site with the possibility of getting more people to sign up.
3. Up to date info: You can keep your readers up to date on a regular basis.
4. New leads: Create new leads for your company and possibly turn new leads into customers
5. Expert in field: Can help to establish your company or yourself as an expert in your field.
6. Brand Exposure: Can increase brand exposure.
7. Increase Monitization: Can increase monitization allowing for paid advertisements to be placed.

“Content is a key component of email marketing for lead nurturing and providing prospects with information about products, services and news about the company and industry. At the same time, email marketing is an essential part of content marketing in getting that content in front of prospects and customers.” Chris Baggott, Chairman and co-founder, Compendium, MarketingSherpa.


Madeleine EngelmohrBenefits of a automated newsletter system