7 Reasons to use your website as a marketing tool

If you have been thinking about developing a website for your business but can’t seem to justify the costs. Maybe it’s time to look at it from a whole new perspective. A website can be an awesome way to gain marketing for your company, and mostly free to.

Here are just some of the benefits you could reap from using your website as a marketing tool:

1. 24 hrs. a day access

Your Company’s website can be viewed by millions of people every day 24 hours a day. A website is a tool to gain new customers.

2. Customer Service

A website can be used as a tool to provide good customer service. All information about your company’s products and services can be uploaded and queries can be handled online as well. This can lower the number of queries you handle by phone.

3. Share Important Information

You can share as much information as possible about your company e.g.:
• The Staff;
• Company Profile;
• Products (including product specifications and prices);
• Services and
• Contact details and Location

All of this information can help customers to make a better decision about which company’s products or services to purchase. It is also possible that if customers can’t find your company details on the internet, they might turn to one of your competitors.

4. Low Cost Marketing

Websites are low cost compared to other forms of marketing (radio or newspaper advertisements) and as mentioned before, people have access to your website 24 hours a day which is not always the case with other forms of marketing.

5. Reach Objectives

A good marketing mix is important assist your company to make a profit, satisfy customer’s needs, reach existing and potential customers and gain a competitive advantage over competitors. A website can help you to reach all the objectives and goals of the company.

6. Compete Globally

The internet connects you with customers all over the world. This is a way to reach more potential customers.

7. Compete Locally

This internet provide you with an opportunity to gain a competitive advantage over your competitors. Promotion material is used by companies to communicate with existing and potential customers to market the services of the company. The appropriate types of communication must be used to reach your target market. People tend to search the internet for companies and if they do not find the one, they search for one of the competitors.

So there you have it… 7 Reasons to use your website as a marketing tool. Which of these 7 reasons got you excited about your website? Or maybe you have a great reasons of your own to share… Give us your feedback int the comments below…

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Madeleine Engelmohr7 Reasons to use your website as a marketing tool

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